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Barbara O'Brien


Dear Renaissance City Winds-

Apologies that this is late off the mark, but I wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed playing with y'all over the last couple of months.  It was a great experience playing with a group that's been together so long-and has definitely made me think about ensemble playing in a different way.  I also much appreciate the opportunity to play Handel with ensemble-that piece will inevitably be with me for many years, and it's great to be able to play it with y'all!

So thanks! I hope we get the opportunity to play together again in the future!



Dear Barbara:

I am Gary Davis' father-in-law and we met for the first time at an early Akron Symphony event back in September this year.  A few of my family members went down to Pittsburgh to hear the Pittsburgh Opera's Friday, November 19th performance of "Lucia. . . ." mainly because our friend, Laura Claycomb was doing the lead.  But, I was pleased to note before hand that you were principal flute in the orchestra, as you were  back in 2007 when we heard Rigoletto, with Laura singing the role of Gilda.  I wanted to let you know that Laura's singing, and your playing in the mad scene was outstanding, and took the breath away of this 81 year old guy who has heard that passage innumerable times at various venues all over this country. . . .none better, either voice or flute.  I had looked over into the pit just before the last act started, and tried to get your attention, but you were conversing with someone a couple of chairs away from you, and I had to get back to my seat.

Best wishes,

Wally Nolin


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Review: Pittsburgh Opera's 'Lucia' is riveting production

By Mark Kanny

Monday, November 15, 2010

Flutist Barbara O'Brien was superb in the flute obbligato of the mad scene.

Click HERE for full review...


Akron Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in 9/11/2010 Opener

by Daniel Hathaway

...but was eventually graced by exquisite flute...

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Concert Report: Akron Symphony February 20, 2010

"...and all the wind soloists made lovely contributions to the lyrical sections.'

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Hi Barbara,

You've been doing an incredible job in the Akron Symphony Orchestra. It's been a pleasure to listen to the flute section.

Thanks again, Happy New Year and God Bless,



"Barb - thank you so much!  I wish I would've been able to meet you in
person!  The music was absolutely perfect!  Thanks again for everything
and I will certainly keep you in mind.



"Pittsburgh Opera brings out the hilarity in Rossini classic"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"The outstanding orchestral soloist was principal flute Barbara O'Brien,
who combined fetching tone and sensitive phrasing on her main instrument 
and also excelled on piccolo."

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